Where to seek relationship advice for women?


Many women are at the stage of their relationship where they seek relationship advice for them. The reason could be anything like having marriage problems and need solutions to remove the problems or they have a perfectly happy marriage although but want to add some fun or spice to their marriage.

Hence given below are four tips as to where from can you get relationship advice for women:

  1. Searching the internet: With the internet you have the resources of the whole world at your fingertip. There are huge amount of high quality and great relationship advice for women that are found online. Many highly skilled therapists and counselors provide advice on forums. You can often post a message or send an email for getting a response applicable to your situation directly.
  2. Consider books or courses as well as counselors: Books or courses can be very valuable for giving you suggestions and advice, and less expensive than visiting once to a therapist or a relationship advisor.
  3. Avoid taking advice from friends or family: There are two basic reasons for this. One, they are not so trained in giving relationship advice. And secondly, as they are known to you they won’t be able to advise you objectively. For moral support you can rely on them but not for advice.
  4. Listen to your own instincts and trust them: At the end of the day one can be a good relationship advisor for herself.

3 Things that women do that push their husbands towards other women:

This relationship advice for women is something that all women must pay attention to, because it is very easy to give out these signals. The signals basically tell your husband that you’re not a good or proper woman to be with. Hence you should leave and can start a relationship with someone else. Many women do these and are not aware that every time they are doing it, they are giving their husbands new reason to get cozy with someone else. The following are the 3 usual things that a woman does, that let their husbands to push towards other women:

  • Jealousy: This is something that is unavoidable in a relationship. When a woman sees her man talking to someone else, she can’t help but feel a sense of jealousy. It’s quite natural and happens all the time. The bad part is when women react publicly to this and show their insecurities.
  • Thank You and Sorry: Saying sorry for the mistakes made by you, and saying thank you for little affectionate moves made by your husband are the two most important things that should be done by women for healthy relationship. Appreciating him for his deeds is also very important. But women sometimes forget saying these and appreciating their husbands.
  • Trapping him: If you are not social and are also not keen on letting your husband socialize, then that will make him want to be more socialized. If men are naturally social and their wives don’t let them to go out to be socialize and meet new people, then that is going to become hard for woman, to stay his husband back.