Secret Of A Healthy Relationship

Relationship is a realistic bonding among two people where both man and woman are connected with long lasting love among each other. This beautiful relationship is the gift of god where every couple shares their love, feelings, emotions, interesting moments among each other. But as we know life is not so easy as we think in such cases many problems arise in the relation which cause misunderstanding, ego clash, rudeness etc. These situations must be handled with care to have a healthy relationship because this small fight can take the shape of huge misunderstanding. Here are some of the preventive measures which will help you to have a healthy relationship which are as follows: v  Be independent ü  Try to take your own responsibility: Always try to take your own responsibility because your partner will always try to please you. He or she will provide happiness to you but you will only be responsible for getting this happiness.
ü  Make new promises: Make new and permanent promises to your partner so that if any situation occurs you can trust your partner blindly. As because a relationship always need a trust for its success. ü  Accept your mistakes:: Always accept your mistakes that you have done knowingly or unknowingly as this can help you to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. This step can also increase your trust for your partner. ü  Be practical: Always be practical to your relationship. Practically face every situation which occurs to save your relation. Because practically thinking every opinions make the relation 100 percent safe. ü  Listen every words of your partner: If you listen every words of your partner this will impress your partner a lot. And this can make your relation more and stronger. ü  Express your love: Love each other a lot. Respect and love each other so much that misunderstanding should not occur among both of you. Express your feelings. Do something for him or her by heart so that your partner can understand your importance deeply. ü  Encourage your partner: Always try to encourage your partner. And try to be your partner’s strength. So that your partner can successfully work or study. And can achieve his target. Because his success is your success. This kind of mentality can have a healthy relationship. v  Try to change together ü  Avoid repeating past topics: Try to forgive your partner and stop the topic without repeating it again and again. Because repeating same topic means arguments, rudeness etc. So avoid repeating same topic and trust your partner. ü  Give your relation the first priority: Always give more importance to your relationship leaving other works. Spend more and more time with one another so that you can clear your views among each other which can increase more understanding among each other. ü  Enjoy together: As you spend more and more time with your partner. You will definitely star enjoying every moment with him or her. Therefore enjoy together, laugh together as this can increase your understanding among each other. Finally healthy relationship comes from stress free life. So always try to have a stress free life and move positively in your relationship.