Relationship advice for men – 5 ways to keep your girlfriend by your side

1-36-300x97-2394803 Many couples whether married or not start out with happy relationships, but as time passes run into many problems down the line, and then don’t understand how to fix them, or to avoid them. A very common relationship advice for men is that boys must look for ways to keep their girlfriends always by their sides. But the fact is, men usually overlook the cause that make their girlfriends head for the door. Here are 5 tips or relationship advice for men to keep your relationship stronger and happier:
  1. Be careful if you argue with her: This is one of the most important pieces of advice, when looking for relationship advice for men. Never blame your partner when argument is at its peak. You can say things positively and politely and agreeably, to bring positivity in your relationship.
  2. Be committed: All women want their boyfriends ready to be committed to spend longer time with her. So always make her believe that you are committed to her, by future planning, etc.
  3. Regularly express your love for her: This is great relationship advice for men, that you find ways to regularly make your girlfriend feel loved. Some ways can be to give her material gifts, affectionately give her physical touch, spend quality time with her, or simply say her “I love you”. Your girlfriend will surely start loving you more for these activities of you.
  4. Be a Good Listener: Always be a good and attentive listener. Don’t stare into blank space when she’s speaking, as this is the natural habit of men. Even if you have problem listening to her, then also put aside what you are doing at that moment, just to tune in to her.
  5. Be Tactful: Although honesty is the best policy, but still if you are not tactful enough while talking, then your words may hurt your girlfriend.
For example, if she asks you “Am I looking fat in this,” then don’t reply yes or no. Rather say something like this “It doesn’t matter. Whatever you wear, you always look good to me.” Stop beating your wife:
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The very important and the best relationship advice for men is stop beating your wife. Many men have the desire to love, and care for and protect his spouse. But in the reality of many marriages, this healthy desire is nowhere to be seen. Men become verbally as well as physically abusive to his wife. Many men start beating her for very small issues, or make small issues bigger. Here are some ways on how men mistreat their wives:
  • The sad part is that many men are not ready to compromise, and don’t try to understand what their wife want or desire.
  • Men take their wives for granted. They don’t satisfy their wives need.
  • Men don’t give their wives space to grow and develop. They are so insecure that they don’t allow their women to pursue her interests or passions.
  • Expect the women to do everything in the house.
  • Mismanage the finances.
  • Neglect romance within few days after marriage.