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How to recognize the nature of an abusive man

Researches of the psychologists say that every year the violence against women is increasing in a larger numbers. But it’s too late while they get to know about the abusive nature of the man. Then she might be in a serious relationship or having responsibilities of a whole family. In that circumstance she is neither able to come out nor […]

How to maintain a good relationship

What do you think sign of a good relationship is? A good understanding with the people and also having respect between the persons. Nowadays many people have a fear to settle in their life. This is only because in surroundings they see lot of problems between the couples. In this 21st century 50%of couples get divorce after some years of […]

Where to seek relationship advice for women?

Many women are at the stage of their relationship where they seek relationship advice for them. The reason could be anything like having marriage problems and need solutions to remove the problems or they have a perfectly happy marriage although but want to add some fun or spice to their marriage. Hence given below are four tips as to where […]

Save Your Marriage Before Enter Into It

As per the belief of society the word marriage symbolizes a very long term and serious relationship. You need to understand the seriousness before you rush into it. Saving your marriage before it starts may seem to be strange to some people. They wonder that how to save a relation which has not still started. But if you think deeply […]