How to recognize the nature of an abusive man


Researches of the psychologists say that every year the violence against women is increasing in a larger numbers. But it’s too late while they get to know about the abusive nature of the man. Then she might be in a serious relationship or having responsibilities of a whole family. In that circumstance she is neither able to come out nor tolerate the situation. So if you don’t want to be a battered woman take your steps before going to a serious relationship with an abusive man. You have to recognize the signs of abusive men. Abuse can be mental or physical or sexual or emotional. This signs can play a key role to identify the signs of abusive men.

  • No respect for women: if a person is unable to give proper respect to woman and always blame his ex-girlfriend for their break-up he has possibilities to be abusive. Because no relationship in the world is broken by one party’s fault. This is the sign of abusive men.
  • Jealous: if the women is giving time to family, friends even their children and the man feels jealous then it is also sign of abuse. He might explain you that it’s because of his extraordinary love but the fact is not so. He will also accuse you to be involved with other men.
  • Possessive nature: showing possessiveness he might want to control your time schedule, control of expense, friends and phone call records. He might advice you to meet people or not, whom to talk or not, where to go or not. This way you will lose the freedom of your life and while you understand and want to be free he will star abusing.
  • Emotional Abuse: this is the worst kind of abuses. He might blackmail you upon your love, cry, insult you blaming anything or show bitterness or anger. Handling these situations is very tough. If a man has very short temperament about moods like being angry suddenly from a happy mood is a sign of abusive men. He might often threaten to end his life or kill the partner or harm anybody included her life. This is known as emotional torture. You can’t show it to people but it’s a part of serious crimes to torture anybody mentally.
  • Providing Isolation: he might make his woman cut off the world or her friends, coworkers and leaves her at home to give all the time and attention. He also might monitor her activities of all the day.
  • Background history: if a man is abusive by nature and he had a past relationship you should have a serious background checkup of her. While he used to do physical abuses to that lady he will obviously repeat it with you. Ask his friends or neighbors about this nature of him.

The reason behind women being attracted to abusive men:

Some women think all the men to be abusive where some believe her man to be the most loving. Their possessive nature makes them feel about their love. But those ladies can’t get that they are being trapped by them emotional. Some girls are already emotionally attached in such a way that they are unable to come out. Sometimes circumstances take them in front of abusive men. They are unable to recognize the sign of abusive men.