How to have self confidence?

For women who are not that much confident is not a big deal as they can still manage in life and do pretty well. But, for us guys it’s important to be super cool and confident. Ladies are attracted towards the guys who are confident, whereas men are attracted to hot looking and beautiful girls. But apart from attracting guys women have other jobs to do. Women are also doing jobs in offices like men. Moreover they need to manage their family as well. For these things women also need to be super confident, other than hot and beautiful. Thus, self-confidence is very much important and essential for all men and women. There are some people who lack this. The lacking can be due to any reason like fear of communication, fear of failure, introversion, etc. So these people must learn and know how to have self confidence. 6 tips to gain self confidence:
If you want to get knowledge on how to have self confidence, it’s very important for you to acknowledge the fact that you can become much more confident. Having self-confidence means having a ‘can do’ attitude.  It also means focusing on the possibilities in life. Overcoming the lack of self confidence and learning how to have self confidence starts from within each individual only and that requires an increase in self awareness: Given below are some strategies that will teach you how to have self confidence and will lead you to the higher levels of self confidence and ultimately will provide you high self esteem:
  1. Believe you can succeed: If you are simply hoping or wishing to have high self confidence then how to have self confidence in you. You must believe yourself, which means knowing that you can use your internal resources to identify the strengths in you.
  2. Recognize your values: Identify your personal values, what you want to accomplish in life and live your life based on your values. Your self confidence will definitely improve.
  3. Face your fears: You must know what holds you back and what your fears are and always face them. Like if you are afraid of public speaking then come forward and have one to overcome that fear of yours. If don’t face your fears then how will you have your self confidence?
  4. Take action: Taking action will give you pride and will also increase your confidence. Taking action may refer to reading a book, speaking to a group, participating in a forum, etc. Actions are taken to overcome your fears and leverage your strengths and raise your confidence.
  5. Prepare for life: To become more self confident preparing yourself for situations in many ways is very important. For this you may need more education, practice, or other activities via reading books, watching videos, or practicing a speech in front of the mirror.
  6. Accept that you are not perfect: You will make mistakes as no one is perfect and you have to encounter challenges. Don’t step back by fear of failure rather learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward. Always do things enthusiastically to build self confidence.