How to get a divorce

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The idea of divorce is painful. But then also couples whose relationship is over or not so much happening as before they are always concerned about how to get a divorce. Learning ways on how to get a divorce will make you guided on what to do. Some people think that divorce is the start of a new single life. The fact is yes, it is but on the contrary it also ends a beautiful start and a beautiful relationship. Especially couples who are married for a long time, if they are to separate then this would really be much painful. Divorce is the biggest decision a couple has to take. Given below are 3 ways give you lessons on how to get a divorce:
  1. 1.      Do it on your own without any assistance: This is the cheapest method, and also requires much time figuring out the paperwork. You might also make mistakes which can delay the divorce process. Hence, in order to get divorce on your own, if your spouse agrees on all the issues then it will be better. If no, and your spouse is having a lawyer, then you’ll be at a significant disadvantage.
  2. Hire a divorce lawyer: It’s highly recommended if both the partner can’t agree on the divorce terms or rather if the divorce is complex, involving issues like child custody, assets, etc.
  3. 3.      Use an online divorce service for completing the paperwork for you: An online divorce service doesn’t provide you legal advices. You have to answer the questions about your divorce, and the divorce service will complete the paperwork for you by taking a fee. This is quite less expensive than hiring a lawyer and also saves the hassle you face for figuring out the paperwork on your own.
Legal Requirements for Divorce: Whether you file a divorce on your own or take assistance of some legal advisor or online divorce service provider, you have to finish and furnish some legal requirements for divorce. If you hire a legal advisor then he may assist you on how to get the divorce easily with some planning plotting and giving you knowledge of the legal requirements for divorce. Given below are the legal requirements that are necessary for getting divorce:
  • Residency for Divorce: It’s very much important for filing a divorce that you and your spouse are staying in a state or a province for a stipulated time. 6 month is usually common. Sometimes this time can be lesser also.
  • Waiting Period: There are waiting period for every divorce cases. Waiting period is the time range from the date of filing the paperwork to the date the divorce order is issued. This time range is usually for 6 to 12 months.
  • Legal Grounds for Divorce: Divorces can be based on two bases. One is no-fault basis. In this the divorce is filed on the basis that the marriage break up is permanent. The legal language for this is “irreconcilable differences”. On this basis no blame is placed on either party. Another one is fault-based divorces in which divorces are based on the grounds of substance like abuse, adultery, cruelty, etc.