Formula of good relationship

Relationship is a lovely bonding among two people where both man and woman are connected with long lasting love among each other. This beautiful relationship is the gift of god where every couple shares their love, feelings, and emotions, enjoy every moments with each other. But as we know life has many ups and downs in such cases many problems […]

How To Make Your Relationship Healthy

Healthy relationship is said to be the relationship which makes you really happy along with your self-esteem and which relationship you want to continue throughout your life. You meet people in life and make relationship with them to share enjoyment and beautiful moment with them. But does that really happen always? Do people maintain healthy relationship altogether? Sometimes people get […]

Long Distance Relationship

Bоth оf уоu hаvе bееn іn а relationship filled wіth love аnd affection fоr аlmоѕt а year now. But јuѕt whеn bоth оf уоu started tо fall deeper аnd deeper іn love wіth еасh other, duty called fоr уоur partner JohnHi! I`m dating coach and author at Also inside our service, you’ll find a matchmaking service, a chat room, […]

How to get a divorce

The idea of divorce is painful. But then also couples whose relationship is over or not so much happening as before they are always concerned about how to get a divorce. Learning ways on how to get a divorce will make you guided on what to do. Some people think that divorce is the start of a new single life. […]

How to recognize the nature of an abusive man

Researches of the psychologists say that every year the violence against women is increasing in a larger numbers. But it’s too late while they get to know about the abusive nature of the man. Then she might be in a serious relationship or having responsibilities of a whole family. In that circumstance she is neither able to come out nor […]