Can this marriage be saved- Consider the following three facts

It’s very unfortunate but true that in many marriages, situations emerge in such a way that issues escalates to the point where the partners are compelled to ask the question, “Can this marriage be saved?” If your marriage has reached that point then it’s time to do something. You need to face some cold and hard facts. Hence your question of whether this marriage can be saved can be answered by coming to terms with these 3 facts:
  1. No Marriage is Perfect: Many people are entering into a marriage with blindfolded. They usually ignore the obvious relationship issues that may arise in the marriage. These issues generally lead to long term resentment and stored hostilities. Hence you need to take a pause and check out about the conflicts or obstacles. For better results consider fact #2.
  2. A failure to communicate: The conflicted married couple needs to have a sit down, which is not so difficult. In any way the issues need to be pinpointed and addressed. Make sure that while talking you are not talking something to attack the feelings of your spouse. Allow your spouse to freely express his/her feelings at the same time. Try to discover whether they have the similar feelings as that of your own.
  3. You may need a counselor: This could be even a member of the clergy. It is very important that an unbiased individual helps a couple to sort out their differences. The individual must have experience in handling complex marital issues and problems. If your spouse refuses to seek out a counselor, then you may have the answer to your question that “Can this marriage be saved?
Some Do’s and Don’ts to save a marriage: Has the dreaded “D” word been used by anyone of the couple and you are wondering, “Can this marriage be saved?” If your marriage has not reached the point where none of you have taken action to end it, then it is likely that this marriage can be saved. Given below are some DO’s and Don’ts to save a marriage:
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  • Nail down the underlying problems: First and foremost figure out what went wrong in your marriage. You will definitely need to understand what the problems exactly are before you attempt to fix them.
  • Take a Time Out: Taking a time out allows for some emotions in a relationship to cool off rather than escalate conflict.
  • Using the Silent Treatment: Don’t be silent and shut down when things go wrong in a marriage. The typical and very common scenario involves that both the partner are waiting for the other one to make the first move. Try to break the silence to ratchet up the argument.
  • Take your complaints public: Don’t start to complain to all your friends and family about your partner that he/she is such a jerk, or is not a better partner. Usually they will give you even more reasons to stay angry. Moreover even if things are sorted in the relationship and you are patched up, then also those people will harbor bad feelings toward your spouse.