7 main ingredients for a happy marriage


Are you of a recipe for a happy marriage? Many people think that the recipe is made with secret ingredients for a happy marriage as they never get their hands on the right recipe. Here the 7 main ingredients for the best recipe for a great marriage are given below:

  1. Listening: Always listen to your partner no matter how trivial the message is. Don’t finish their sentences, or don’t try to solve their problems.
  2. Communication: This one of the main ingredients for the recipe for a happy marriage. Always share your problems, happiness, feelings, emotions, etc with your spouse, and expect the same from him/her and pay attention to that.
  3. Passion: Make sure that both of you have moments filled with passion every now and then. It happens that after few years of marriage, the intimacy and the passion between couples die down. Don’t let that happen.
  4. Time Together: You should spend some quality time together in a park, swimming, going fishing, playing video games, at the beach, or wherever you want.
  5. Happiness: Do things to make your partner laugh and show him/her that you care for him/her.
  6. Agree on money matters early on: One of the leading causes of disagreement between couples and fighting in marriages is the differing opinions about how money is handled. Many couples never discuss about money until after they’re married. Couples need to agree on who will handle the money and how expenses will be paid, before marriage only.
  7. Love and respect each other: Love is yet another ingredient for the recipe for a happy marriage. It is no secret. Both of you should treat each other with respect. No one should be ruling the other one.

There’s no such thing called a happy marriage recipe:

The fact is that one cannot guarantee that the above 7 recipes will definitely work for a happy marriage. Actually the phrase “Happy Marriage” is different to different people. Different people have different point of view for that, and hence the recipe for a happy marriage may differ from person to person. Although the mentioned 7 ingredients are very much effective for most of the cases, almost 90% married lives are considered happy. But then also there are some points or the others due to which something more is needed, like some more spice should be added to the recipe for a happy marriage to make it tasty for the remaining 10% couples. Hence it is said or rather it can be concluded that there is no such recipe for a happy marriage.

Now the question is why is that so? The short answer to this question is that we all are different people. All of us look different, like to do different things, act in different ways for same situations, etc. These things happen with both partners in marriage also. So both the partners need to compromise a bit. This is the main key for a happy marriage. But doing 100% compromise for a person for the sake of other person is not possible. This certainly leads to arguments and fights between married couples.